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Telecom + Power Supply

The building is served with Fiber optic, DSL, satellite dish, and cable. The result: a range of high speed data options for varying levels of speed and bandwidth, suitable at the bottom of the demand curve for the limited data needs of a traditional office user, and ranging upward to the large data and bandwidth requirements of data centers, security monitoring stations, and call centers. Georgia Power supplies the electricity to the building. There is sufficient capacity to accommodate almost any types of user. There are a number of buried conduits that run from the landscaped areas just outside the parking areas, underneath the parking lot, and then into the main electrical and telecom room serving the Building. This facilitates the connection of outside power generators, remote satellite receivers, etc to tenant suites inside the building without having to dig up the parking lot. Back- up generators can be installed on the grounds and are easily connected, using the conduits, to run the wire to connect to the tenant’s power line in the electrical room, for those tenants who must have their systems operating 24/7 without failure and who cannot risk an electrical outage. Inside the building, conduits from the electrical and telecom room have been installed that run to each tenant unit, making it easier to install and maintain the phone, data, and electrical lines.


Limited Space Available

2565 Thompson Bridge Rd
Gainesville, Ga 30501

TEL: 404.816.6400

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